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Custom Garage Doors

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Custom Residential Garage Door Systems Around Wilmington, DE

Delaware Express offers a wide selection of single-car, two-car, and custom residential garage systems that allow you to personalize your selection to fit your taste and existing decor. Our doors include deep embossed panels, coped edges, and designer hardware.

Once you have narrowed down the style of garage door system you want, the next step would be deciding what color, stain, finishes, and other options you want - including things like built-in windows to allow for your space to be flooded with natural sunlight. With our custom-built garage door systems, you can not only increase your property's curb appeal but also the financial value of your home.

Investing in a new custom garage door is not as financially cumbersome as one might believe! Contact us today to talk to Delaware Express about getting financing for your new residential garage door!

Two Car One Door Garage Door
What is the difference between modern steel and traditional steel garage doors?

Modern steel garage doors often feature advanced construction techniques and materials compared to traditional steel doors. Even though traditional steel garage doors boast durability and affordability, providing reliable protection for homes, modern doors offer a variety of design options, such as different panel styles, colors, and finishes, allowing for greater customization to match home aesthetics. Additionally, modern steel doors may have enhanced security features and quieter operation, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and style

Will a custom garage door increase my home's resale value?

A custom garage door can enhance curb appeal and potentially increase resale value by improving the overall aesthetics of your home. It offers a unique feature that sets your property apart in the real estate market. However, the extent of its impact on resale value varies depending on factors like the design, quality, and alignment with neighborhood standards. While it may not guarantee a significant price increase, it can contribute positively to the overall appeal of your home.

Can I paint my garage door?

Sure! Painting your garage door can enhance its appearance and complement your home's exterior. However, if your garage door has a warranty, check with the manufacturer first, as painting it might void the warranty. If you proceed, ensure proper preparation by cleaning, sanding, and applying primer before painting. Use high-quality exterior paint for a durable and professional finish. Regular maintenance will keep your garage door looking great for years to come.

Types Of Residential Garage Doors

Dex knows that finding the right garage door style can be overwhelming. However, Delaware Express can help you with any of the following:

  • Modern Steel
  • Traditional Steel
  • Faux Wood
  • Wood
  • Carriage House

Transform your home's exterior and dramatically enhance its curb appeal with custom garage doors from Delaware Express. You're looking for the best combination of function and fashion when searching for a residential garage door system. No matter what your vision calls for, Delaware Express Garage Doors, LLC carries a door that will help you bring it to life on your family's home!

Energy-Efficient Garage Doors In Wilmington, DE

Nothing is worse than being hit with an incredibly high electric bill at the end of the month. Help cut down your cost by ensuring that your garage door system is energy efficient. Delaware Express offers two types of insulation for your garage door system: polyurethane and polystyrene.

In addition to our insulated doors, we also offer a selection of insulated glass to help maintain energy efficiency while getting the most out of the natural light. This will allow for increased comfort in your home throughout the year.

Call Delaware Express Garage Door Service today at 302-303-9866 to schedule your free estimate on garage door system installation. You can also schedule online for service in New Castle & Kent County and Delaware & Chester County.

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